Wanuri Kahiu


Wanuri Kahiu

Born in Nairobi, Wanuri is part of the new generation of African storytellers. Her stories and films have received international acclaim. Her films screened in numerous film festivals around the world. To date, Wanuri has written and directed six films and is working on her second feature length film.

She is the co-founder of AFROBUBBLEGUM, a media company that supports, creates and commissions fun, fierce and frivolous African art. 



When Wanuri Kahiu took to the TED Fellows stage this week in Vancouver, the 36-year-old had on green shoes and a beaded necklace worn like a crown — a hint to her offbeat worldview.
“People ask if it’s difficult to blend science fiction and Africa,” she said this month at the Quartz Africa Innovators Summit in Nairobi, where 32 honorees selected by Quartz were celebrated for their contributions across business, technology, education, and culture. ‘As far as I know, science and Africa have never been separate.’”